SLOBBERY DOGNOSE do their own punkrock since 1990, shortly interrupted by leaving bassmen. Back to their initial style, strength and energy, they still know how to put melody in their 2 1/2 min. compositions and how to put spirit in their insignificant lyrics. Their unfortunately rare gigs across Germany brought them together with bands like Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers, UK Subs, New Bomb Turks, 999, The Lurkers and many others.
But where is SLOBBERY DOGNOSEs success and glory? 
To prove that they are not only gorgious at their live performance, you should listen to their '94er debutsingle MATERIAL, their always self-produced low-budget-productions HANDFUL OF SHIT, YOU'VE GOT TO PAY, STAY WILD!, THE GLAMOUR EP, NEW BREED, LITTLE BITE OF ROCK'N'ROLL, BUNNYBUILDING, MAN EATER, RIDE THE HORSES HARD, THE GAMBLER and the latest release RODRIGUEZ or the uncountable contributions on various samplers.
So, if you don't wanna miss a great Punkrock experience of a special kind, than book SLOBBERY DOGNOSE for your club, now!

Leadvocals & Guitars
Drums & Backings
Bass & Backings

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